Why Charging Premium is Important For Your Services [Digitally Atanu]?

Atanu Das
2 min readDec 6, 2021
Thought Of The Day Dec 2021 — Digitally Atanu — Remote IT Consultant — Kolkata

🤓 Today, I want to share one of my personal experience with you all. I QUIT my full-time job 7 years back and started working for my own clients. When I started my journey as a Remote Consultant, I didn’t have my own BRAND [Digitally Atanu]. At that point of time, I was working as a FREELANCER and charging very very very less amount of money for my services. You guys could not imagine, I started working for SEO projects at $100 per month [starting package] and Website Development at $150 [for a basic 5 page website]. I was putting hundreds of hours of work, reaching out to so many people, tried every different thing people told me.

But honestly speaking, NOTHING WORKED ❌ I could not gather a good amount of money per month.

On a fine morning I attended a webinar of a guy, who was talking charging premium prices ($2K or more) 😳 After listening to that guy, I came to a conclusion about my business approach! What’s that?

👉 Let’s say your goal is to make $2K per month. If you charge $100, you’ll need 20 new clients every month. Now, let’s say you charge $1000, you only need 2 clients a month 😎 And if you decided to charge $2K, you only need ONE single client a month.

So, what’s more harder? Finding 20 new clients for $100 every single month, or to make 1 or 2 clients, who say YES to $1K or $2K? This concept just blew my mind and since then I’ve always charged premium prices for my services 🤯. Currently I have my own brand, I have approx. 23K active Linkedin connections, 2.5K Instagram followers, my own email list and official Facebook Page.

Here are only few benefits of charging premium prices for our services:

✅ You’ll be able to provide a high-quality service.
✅ You’ll make a lot of money.
✅ You’ll work with high-quality clients.
✅ You’ll have a sustainable business.

🔔 It has really worked for me, it has also worked for so many of my students and followers who felt just like you and then ended up landing $2K-$3K clients every single month by working on QUALITY projects 🚀

So trust your process, and charge accordingly 💲

👉 PLEASE NOTE: This post is not to disrespect anyone if you are charging less, this post is to inspire everyone to charge according to your skillsets and time, so you can make more money, and have a better life.



Atanu Das

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