Voice Search Optimization — The Big Thing You’ll Need to Think For Your Website SEO

Atanu Das
2 min readMay 1, 2020

Voice Search is HUGE right now. And it’s only getting bigger. Now the question is: Why & how do you optimize your site for voice search? 🚀

Some people say that we’re in the middle of a “Voice Search Revolution”. Is that true… or an exaggeration? Let’s check some of the interesting stats:

👉🏻 41% of adults (and 55% of teens) use voice search daily (Source — Google).

👉🏻 20% of all Google mobile queries are voice searches (Source — Google).

👉🏻 Voice search has grown 35x since 2008 (Source — KPCB).

🎉 So, it’s quite obvious that Voice Search isn’t “the next big thing”. It’s already here.

🚀 Now I’d like to hear from you, which technique from today’s guide are you going to try first? Are you going to target more Question Keywords? Or maybe you’re ready to start publishing FAQ pages.

Either way, leave a comment below and explain your choice.



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