Market Your CBD Brand — A Story To Tell You All

Atanu Das
2 min readJul 15, 2020


😏 Who Says that getting a great SEO result for CBD Products is difficult? The given image tells you the actual story! I have been working for this client for last 3 months on their SEO. Even I developed their website as well. I am now glad to tell you this journey!

👉 1 Year back, when I met with this CBD Client, at that point of time, they already had a website. But honestly speaking, that website was unorganized and very slow at loading. They asked me how to improve the performance the website so that not only they ll get a fast website, as well as, they’ll get a good sales out of it!

👉 I suggested them to revamp their website and I took the challenge to make it faster! I developed their CBD ECommerce website within 2 months in Wordpress + Elementor Pro & I have used AWS (Amazon Web Server) to get a secured hosting server! After completing the website they asked me to take care of their SEO stuffs!

👉 After working almost 3 months they have achieved the TOTAL sales: approx $7000 USD. The result is quite GOOD after only 3 months! I am still working on their website maintenance and SEO stuff. Most of their generic keywords are now at the Page #1 in Google Search Engine.

👉 The reason behind this result is: well structured website + categorized SEO process. Being a Digital Marketer, I always prefer a structured website with lots of inner pages. Personally I don’t like bulk Link Building process! I just want to build links, quality wise, and where needed.

👀 You can easily advertise your CBD brands despite the current restrictions on most major ad platforms:

1. Display Advertising
2. Influencer Marketing
3. Native Advertising
4. Affiliate Marketing
5. Podcast Ads
6. Well Structured Website + Organized SEO process.

🎯 If you have CBD Brand and want to market them properly, you can get in touch with me anytime. I’ll be HAPPY to have a friendly discussing with you. Mail me directly:



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